Ultra High Temp

How do we keep dairy products, better yet, what do we buy and how do we keep enough of it to feed our crew?

Most of our dairy products don't even need to be kept in a cooler, reefer, or refrigerator. Nope. Its called Ultra High Temp products and after you get used to them, they do quite well.

We buy them by the pallets: Sour Cream, Whole Milk, 2% Milk, cooking cream (with about 2 or 3 version of fat content), whipping cream, etc... Of course our cheese still needs to be refrigerated but that frees up a lot of space until you need it. And refrigerator space is regarded as a vary valuable commodity. Yes, these products taste better or work better once they are chilled, but you can keep them in dry storage on pallets and move them into refrigeration a little at a time.

You probably wouldn't believe the milk we go thru just as an additive to coffee and/or tea...So why refrigerate it just for it to be heated back up? Why use chilled dairy products to build sauces that go out hot? No reason, room temperature is good enough.

Here's a picture of a few of the items: