Wow, a lot is happening in the galley right now.

Our new twin convection oven has landed (literally from the cargo hold that dead ends in our galley) and now they are working on getting it put in properly. And bolted to the floor since we are on a ship.

Part of our wall paneling was put back together (where previous water leaks were suspected coming from the pipes in the walls) so that has helped the galley look better.

Our dumbwaiters are being fixed (lifts/elevators) for food. One is extremely hard to open and close and the other has a slide door jammed. Its mechanical.

We still have square holes in the floor where a water leak is still being tracked down. The water actually comes up thru the floor. Right now a small water pump is siphoning it out and dumping it into one of our drains.

Three of our six electric hot plates are now operational again after it was discovered a breaker flipped.

And some smaller stuff like hand dryers have been worked on.

[oh yeah, my boss is leaving for awhile *PARTY TIME* and we'll miss him dearly]

Yep, all this week. Work goes on, the food keeps cooking...and sometimes blogging has to take the 'back burner'. (pun intended)