Blogging Exhaustion

Last month I (tyrone) wrote the following post on my other blog the AFM menu...

Its days like today that make me feel like packing in this blog (AFM menu).

The big boss man (my boss) is gone for an LOA. But that really doesn’t change a whole lot for me…work goes on, people keep eating. Its just that I have another blog that is more of a joint venture with my wife ( where we both post thoughts and opinions on our days whether they be personal or work related. So I find myself split wanting to post this material over at the other blog because really thats what I do…but then I think, no, I need to have different new material. Wait. I don’t have anything new. Or - Wait, I don’t have time to post new material to each blog.

What also fuels these thoughts is the decision for our organization to start putting everything on a ‘navigator’ of sorts, so our organization is connected worldwide (using confluence) where now everyone looks at that for my weekly menu. Except of course for you outside folks that cannot ’see’ our international ‘confluence‘ website.

We also use it to update the FAQS (frequently asked questions) or just to share internal information about our departments that are not open for the general public.

SO these things really defeat the purpose of 50% of this blog now, and another percentage of it can be carried by my other blog (you know Rants, Raves, Reviews, and general knowledge of my day to day).

Yes, I am sure as some of you know it takes time and effort to keep more than one blog rolling with fresh material. I’ll keep you posted.

So in case you are confused, I shut down AFM menu and I imported all my posts from the AFM menu to this blog, tyrone and stephanie, so now I will just continue to post my 'mind' and relative other life or culinary adventures.  It just makes it so much easier for me and I can keep Stephanie from taking over!

You will find a lot of new posts here that came from the AFM menu blog, and probably pictures too...and I also kept the menu page in case you still want to see what's for dinner. (in the PAGES links)