Breaking Free

Bendu is a rare gem. She is sassy, funny, wise, and witty. I wish every one of you could have the privilege of knowing her. I wish you could see her smile when we tease her or the look she gives me when I sneak a piece of chocolate without offering her some. She has been through so much but still is full of life or shall I say spunk.

We think she might have had a seizure that night and knocked over a lantern she was using to read, which may have been the culprit for the flames that engulfed Bendu. She has received some surgery on her burns and will come back in August for more.

I have spent many hours just chatting with her. She asked me one time if I had any books she could read while she was in the hospital. I brought her "Breaking Free" by Beth Moore. Yesterday before Bendu went home, I asked her what she is learning from the book. She flipped to a list of the chapters and pointed to the chapter entitled "Learning to Trust God in the hard times." She then told me that it will be hard going home but she will trust God.