Have you ever had a conversation and all of a sudden things clicked in you head? The kind when you say "I get it. I finally get it."

When I was 19 I felt the Lord call me to be a nurse with Mercy Ships in Africa. I had such clear direction from the Lord which helped me get through some large obstacles along the way. I felt like I had this carrot in front of my face the whole time urging me to continue on the journey to get to my destination.

When I arrived I went through the honeymoon phase then passed into the hostility phase that they warn you about. But the third phase, home, eluded me. I have been here 6  months and have been waiting to feel this amazing sense of home and it never came. I have been stuck in this rut wondering when the feeling of fulfillment or the sense of home was going to come flooding in.

I was talking to some friends on Monday and one of them asked if we had ever been called by God to a certain place to serve. They both had agreed that they had never felt or heard a calling to specific place. This caused a feeling of shame to rush over me. They are both content where they are and I who have felt very called to exactly where I am have been struggling fiercely. We continued to talk and Becky said "Have been looking for the feeling of this is it?". My answer was yes and at that moment it clicked. Being in Africa on Mercy Ships is not going to fulfill me. I know that sounds obvious but it took so long to get to that place. It took me going deeper in my relationship with the Lord and then being able to hear to the Lord's gentle voice saying "I AM IT."