My heart...

There are our lovely Bible study girls from Mama Victoria's orphanage. They came to ship yesterday and we had so much fun. They are so funny and they find humor in EVERYTHING!!! We gave them a tour around the ship and they were most enthralled by the kitchen and the laundry room. They could not get over the idea of putting your clothes in a box, adding soap, walking away, and coming back to clean clothes. They thought it was silly and that we should just do it the right way and scrub our clothes with our hands. They also hated the idea of the kitchen with no open fire.

I wish you could know them, I wish you could hear them laugh and sing. They do both wholeheartedly with smiles that make my heart melt.

Cortu is 16 and has been raised by the Suzanna (Mama Victoria's daughter) and has a wisdom that goes far beyond her years. When she speaks she does so with confidence. She reads the chapter that we study every night for the 7 nights that we are gone and writes down what she learned, then she shares her best insight with the group. I often find myself taking notes when she shares. I love Cortu, and I find myself drawn to her.

Regina is a HAM! She is about 4'8" and has this explosive energy. Anytime there is a camera she is in front of it posing. She is the one out of the group that makes them laugh so hard that they literally fall over. When she was on the ship she used the bathroom and it has a vacuum flush that is quite loud.  Apparently it scared her and she came flying out of the bathroom and proceeded to laugh so hard we thought she might suffocate.

Alice is quiet and a little reserved. She is one of the younger girls and listens intently in Bible study but does not say much. She has a sweet spirit about her.

Mary is a unique blend of being motherly yet very playful. She listens intently when you talk and truly wants to know us. She is conservative but yet is in the middle of the whooping and hollering when they all get riled up (which is often).

Ruth is the seamstress of the orphanage and loves to cook.  She really wants to go to school to be a caterer. Ruth does not say much during Bible study, she usually is catching up on her reading.

Annie is the oldest of the girls and definitely the big sister of the group. She is very sassy and definitely sets the tone for the group. She is taking her entrance exam for nursing school on August 30th. Annie always knows her memory verse perfectly and she contributes with her own life experience, even the hard parts.

Betty is one of the younger girls, she usually doesn't know the memory verse and is a typical teenager that is very chatty. Her energy is contagious and she gives the best hugs.

Gerilyn has been the hardest for me to get to know. She is an observer by nature and doesn't compete for attention like some of the other girls. The more I get to know Gerilyn the more I see her authenticity. She told me yesterday that she wants to be nurse like Jenn, Jeanne, Becky, Sarah and I.