Baking comes to an end...

The baker comes back in Sunday night and I told him before he left that he doesn't have to come in to work till Tuesday so he would have Monday to rest so I may get to bake a little more on Monday BUT...

In my two weeks of being able to cover that 'baking' side of things I managed to bake quite a lot while also getting my other responsibilities done as the galley manager.  I still took weekends off because I had baked enough bread to carry me through Saturday & Sunday.  I enjoyed myself.

In the last 2 weeks in bakery:

  • Baked approximately 1200 loaves of bread (white & wheat combined total)
  • Biscotti 300-400 pieces
  • Dinner Rolls 400
  • Herb & Olive Rolls 400
  • Focaccia 400+ pieces
  • Jalapeno Cheddar Bread 400+ slices
  • Cinnamon Rolls 700+ (Twice @ 350 average)
  • Brownies 350
  • Pieces/slices of Pizza 1100

Back to cracking the whip next week and maybe working on some new recipes for the menu.  It was a good time to renew in my mind the possibilities of what can and could be done in the bakery...maybe in the future I can get around to a few things I was thinking of but didn't have time for such as:  coffee cake, muffins, breakfast breads, garlic cheese biscuits, breakfast biscuits, etc.  Just to name a few things I was considering.