Frozen Moldy Tortillas

The following pictures are of the Corn Tortillas that were sent on the frozen container - I just recently started using them.  After having them pulled from the freezer and defrosted for half a day I discovered that even though they were frozen there were ADVANCED cases of MOLD on them and I threw at least half of the case away in the trash/rubbish.  I have not looked at the other cases yet but we bought both corn and flour.

Yes, it's a little scary to know the mold was advancing on the tortillas sometime before they arrived for us...especially since that doesn't happen unless they have been thawed out and froze again.

If you try to fry these corn tortillas they will probably kill the mold culture and be safe to eat, BUT the mold still makes dark spots on the chips when frying them.

Another good way to tell mold if you can't see it well is by smelling the product.  Mold smells, and it smells like no corn tortilla you ever sniffed or any other food for that matter.

It's really going to be a shame if the rest are that way...another unplanned trip to the 'deep freeze' tomorrow.  Oh, what Joy!