International Cuisine, Everyday

With over 30 nations represented on board there is a chance that you can experience international cuisine everyday.  We have a crew galley that is open and has equipment for multiple cooking stations and cleaning up.  During certain times of the day or week you can go in here and find many different people cooking their own 'home' comfort foods or 'favorites' from any cooking style.

Last night I was showing a lady from Ghana and Jamaica how I make bread, and bread rolls fresh from yeast, flour, salt, oil, and a little sugar.  (kind of like a home demonstration).  During this time they were also cooking their own dinner.  No, this does not offend me in the least.  I encourage it so people can be more independent of the ships galley and maybe have a better appreciation of what we do for 400 everyday.

[As a side note I have found that people who like to cook for themselves from time to time do not usually complain about the food on the ship...mostly its those who are confined to eating the ships menu everyday because they don't or are unwilling willing to cook for themselves from time to time who complain the most...or maybe they just don't like cleaning up after themselves or have time to do itl.]

Also the guys from Nepal (our security Gurkhas) were cooking at the same time.  Let me tell you, these guys are nice...yes sir, no sir, yes chef, good evening goes on and on.  They treat most everyone on the ship with much respect and are always ready to give a helping hand.  Very humble in their demeanor.  But if there is an emergency, alert, or security issue...Yes, it would be in your best interest to NOT find out what they are capable of.

As I came back after the second rise of the dough (which were formed into rolls after the first rise) my wife and I were offered Curried Chicken (Curry was a Jamaican blend and it was cooked with coconut milk) & fried Plantains by Joyce from Jamaica.  And she was in collaboration (preparing food and rice to share) with Comfort from Ghana and she offered us Jasmine Rice with home made Shito.  During this time we were offered a stew of sorts (I don't know any Nepalese) from Ganesh & Chitro from Nepal.  The stew was like a Brunswick Stew (minus the meat) mixed with some Indian & Thai (?) spices (best I know how to describe it not necessarily what it was)...Wow!  Although it was spicy hot, it was VERY flavorful.  I could feel the beads of sweat literally popping up on my forehead as I ate more.

Several groups actually get together no matter how big or small and do certain country/culture foods from time to time.  You just need to know when to be 'hanging out' in the vicinity of getting fed.  Timing is everything.  And if you have mastered that 'hungry look' then you should apply it here.  The invitation will usually materialize soon after!