So much...

I have so much to say that I feel like I could have explosive diarrhea of the mouth. I would love for all my thoughts to come out eloquently, but that's just not me.

Every time I walk into D ward Cecilia's mom lights up and gives me a great big hug. Cecilia had a tumor under her right eye that was causing her eye to bulge out and would have eventually blinded her. She is grateful to me because I started an IV on Cecelia and took care of her after surgery, Cecilia (age 5), on the other hand, holds a bit of resentment of the pain I caused her. But, her mother knows that those things that caused pain needed to be done in order for the problem to be resolved. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have been thinking this is how God works in our lives. We have an area that is causing us pain but are not able to see that enduring a little more pain will lead to a full recovery in the long term.

Over the past couple of months, I have been on the ward nurse activities team. In June we did Coffee night in the Queen's lounge. We made coffee, had nice music playing, yummy treats, and just had a fun time of fellowship with the ward nurses. In July we did a brunch in the dining room. It was just so fun to hang out with nurses and organize something for these hard-working ladies and 2 gentlemen.

Yesterday, I went to my friend Nalea's house for a graduation party for her nephew. It was very fun and interesting. It was by no means the cookie-cutter Mercy Ships activity. We ate with her family and chatted with her and her guests. They did some traditional dances and what I liked was that it was not for us the white people, they did it because that is what they do when they are celebrating. Of course, we were the odd ones out and sort of a novelty but it didn't matter, they invited us to be a part of their celebration.

So much to be grateful for.