First of all, let me just say Tyrone got his first pedicure and he loved it.... enough said.

I feel like a lot is going through my head right now but I don't have any actual stories per se. This past weekend has been a ships 4 day holiday and has been such a time of relaxation and fun.

On Friday I went out to the orphanage for a sleepover but it turned into a layover due to the nonexistent sleep. Sleeping in a small room with no fan with 11 people and 1 small window that is covered by fabric. It was incredibly hot and at one point I felt something creepy, crawly on my face. We made dinner, sang songs, and just hung out. I love those girls. They are so fun and now I feel like we are getting to know their deeper side or sillier side depending on how you look at it.

Today I went down to the ward to see little Yeme and she was so sad. It just breaks my heart to see the normally smiley girl be so sad. I think she is sad because she misses her family and she said her tummy is upset. But I think maybe it was the age-old "my tummy hurts" but actually there is something else going on. Her friends in the next 2 beds were moved over to A ward and I think the ache of missing her family has kicked in. We were asking her a little more about how she got here and she said that her mother sent her with her older sister to the border and she got separated from her sister but she met up with John (a guy who works in Guinea and helps patients get to the ship) who brought her to the ship. She said she was so scared because she did not know John and he was speaking French to her but she does not know French well and she said she didn't even really know where she was going, her mom just told her to go and some Dr. would help her. I patted her head and stroked her arm and she laid there with tears streaming down her face.

As I sat at Yeme's bed I could not help but sob for this little one. There is nothing I can do for her. I can't take away her fear, loneliness, or pain. All I can do is just pray that the Lord does.