I have been working in the Recovery Room for the past 3 weeks and I really love it. Although, I must admit I do miss the relationships that I have with the patients in the ward. I truly believe I have the best of both worlds by switching back and forth from the recovery room to the ward.

I am really happy, well actually I think I can accurately use the word joyful to describe where I am at right now. I think the reason why I finally have this joy and the undertones of being miserable are gone, is because of the time I have been spending reading the Bible. I have known forever that reading God's word is important but I did not know that it would quench my thirst. I did not know that it would allow me to rest easy, as the Liberians say.

When a patient wakes up from surgery the first thing they say is "I want drink". See, they have not been allowed to drink anything since midnight the night before and by the time they waited most of the day to go to the OR and then they finally woke up after their surgery they are truly parched. This is a huge picture of my life right now. I have been parched, but no more I know the keeper of the well, and I will thirst no more.