A new name.

Last week I returned to the ward after working in the recovery room for 7 weeks. I enjoyed a normal schedule more than I can express in words, but I missed building relationships with my patients (especially the long-term ones).

Thursday, I was working in A ward on day shift. One of my patients needed blood so that kept me close to his bedside most of the shift. He and his 3 neighbors were very chatty and friendly.

One of the other patient's mothers was not feeling well and wanted to take a nap, so I put her 5-month-old grandson, Godgive (yes that is his real name) on my back (by myself, quite the task). Oh man, all my patients went crazy. "African Lady, African lady. You an African Lady. You name Miatta (meaning firstborn female child) from the Bandi Tribe in Lofa County." So, of course, I put a basket on my head and pretended to sell cold water and plums and they all yell "Auntie Miatta I buy you col wata cuz you an African lady!"

Now when I introduce myself to my patients I say my name is Stephanie but you can call me Miatta.

This is Larry, one of the chubbies babies in Liberia, he too likes to be in a lappa.