In Liberia, there are not a whole lot of options for weekend get-a-ways. One of the Mercy Ships' favorites is Robert's Port. It is about a 3-hour drive and is a beautiful beach. Up until a couple of months ago, camping was the only lodging there, and anyone who knows me would just laugh at me even considering sleeping in a tent as fun. But now there are these luxurious "tents" that are built on a wood platform. The tent I stayed in had 3 double beds, a fridge, a fan, light, and 2 big comfy chairs, hardly camping... Praise Jesus.

It sounds quite easy, jumping in a car and driving 3 hours to stay right on the beach, but in Liberia, the transportation can be horrible. I had been keeping my ears open when each group would come home from a Robert's Port trip to find a reliable taxi and Abu and his Mazda Minivan kept coming up. So I called him and he came to pick up the 6 of us girls. Usually, at least one disaster happens on a trip in Liberia, but everything went wonderfully as planned.

We played in the clean, beautiful ocean, walked on the beach, laid out in the sun, took naps, body boarded some perfect waves, ate some delicious food, and enjoyed each other's company. The group of girls included my dear friend Becky, actually, the trip was sort of Becky's goodbye party. She will leave in 10 days so it was precious to spend the weekend with her.

This weekend had the potential to turn out disastrous but was actually quite perfect.