The third H

My dear friend Bendu was back on the ward earlier this week. She came to have her eyelid and forehead worked on by Dr. Gary. I went in to see Bendu as she was leaving and she was very upset. She eventually told me " I don't understand. Everyone is talking about my arm, but my face is the problem. I am young and with this problem (her facial burns) no man will marry me." She went on to say that the nurses and Dr.s have not mentioned any plan of surgery on her face. I went into the OR to talk to Dr. Tertius and he said that we have to wait at least 1 year to do surgery or it will not take due to all the scarring.

This keeps running through my mind over and over. There is nothing I can do for Bendu except pray. Mercy Ship's motto is Hope and Healing. Those who have been here for a while think they should add another H for heartache. Unfortunately not everyone's story ends up with a happy ending. Sometimes it is just an ending and all we can do is pray that joy will come later, maybe that is better than a happy ending.