Sometimes its confusing

I noticed after a nice email from my friend Beth back home that the author of the post was not showing up in our I corrected that!

Stephanie was/is the one that is sick right now (a lot of sleep and antibiotics seem to be the cure...).

Even though the outreach is over, we still have to pack up and prepare to sail.  Then the sail will last another week before we arrive in Tenerife.

Stephanie and I will continue to work on board (because as you can imagine no one ever stops eating!) and we actually don't return to the 'states' till the beginning of February. So 'everything' is not quite 'over' yet.

We saw a significant decline in financial support over the summer.  I know some of our financial supporters are probably going through a tough time - the economy, layoffs, personal, and/or financial problems.

In light of that, our plans are to return home in February, look at locations and job opportunities, then decide what to do next...and then hopefully be able to work full-time (save and raise money) and do mission/volunteer work short-term each year.

The transitions we will be making are:

  • The end of outreach is always hard, packing up, saying goodbye...

  • After outreach is a time for rest (physically, mentally, spiritually) it takes time to comprehend all that you have experienced in a year in an environment like this.

  • Life goes on, and we must keep the ship afloat while we still look to ahead - cleaning, packing, sailing - and those are work things, then its the personal version of cleaning, packing, traveling...

  • Saying goodbye again when we actually leave the ship and all the friends we have here on board.

  • Going home, visiting friends, family, and supporters (which includes some more travel)

  • Adjusting to being gone a year...and the changes back 'home' we have missed.

  • Getting back into society and going back to work...

Whew!  There's a lot to completing a mission and also going home to start the next 'adventure'.  I would not suggest it to people who are prone to have anxiety attacks!



PS. I have some pictures and updates of the money raised for the Liberia Fund and also my own tales of work and friends made...I know I have been slack of my writing duties lately, I'll try to catch up on the sail.