Five Minutes of Fame

We are pretty busy as of lately, we actually have a lot to blog about and pictures to share but it will have to wait for more time...

You've all heard the cliche or term 'your five minutes of fame...'?  Well, I suppose I have finally gotten mine for being with Mercy Ships all these years... it's just a shame that NO ONE IN THE USA will see it.  Yep, that's right...

No, I didn't make it to a TV show BUT I did make it in the UK Mercy Ships Calendar as Mr. March this year.  Complete in Chef uniform pulling hot pans of chicken out of the oven in a very busy 'lunchtime' galley shift.

SIGH.  Oddly enough the US Mercy Ships Calendar for 2009 is called 'The Colors of Benin' even though we just finished outreach service in Liberia...and it has pictures that were taken in Liberia in the Calendar as well...Hmmm, I'm confused...Colors of Benin?

So to all my UK friends (of which there are plenty), I'm the MAN!  Mr. March!  And to my Sheffield (England) buddy Arthur (Chief Electrician) WAY TO GO! *(he made it too!)  I think he's January.

To all my US friends, family, and supporters...I was hoping for a calendar that was relative to the year of outreach I was just a part of in Liberia, but since it's not, we can not justify the financial expense of buying all those Benin'll just have to get by on our pictures, posts, and smiling faces of us in Liberia 2008!