Watermelon Carving

Have you ever carved something? This past week I carved 2 watermelons for a July 4th BBQ at Church. A lady that knows my wife figured out that I know how to carve watermelons. She then emailed me to see would I be willing to do them with the church logo, and the summer nights logo they use. I said sure. 

It had been over a year since I last carved one. There's not much high demand for carved watermelons in Monrovia Liberia, West Africa (where I was all last year). So as you can imagine I was a bit rusty...but things still seemed to go well. The pictures in this post were taken by one of there photographers then posted on Facebook at Westgate Church. 

Here is a link to an old Chef article that I wrote about watermelon carving. --> Watermelon Carving 

Not much has changed since I wrote that article. I bought some 'special' fruit carving tools from a site that are currently collecting dust. It took too much force to make cuts or work right. This is not the way to make precision graphics or any work you want to do on a fruit.

Moving on...Click on pictures to see them bigger.

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