Risky Business!

One the first things people tell you when leaving the country for developing or Third World countries is, "don't drink the water!", "don't eat raw foods" (like salads), and/or "make sure everything is cooked all the way!".  All this is good advice but sometimes you just can't be bothered.

When I sat foot on land after sailing on a ship to Central America (my first time out of the U.S. many years ago) I was so eager to go eat anything new and different that accepting a few days of diarrhea "in the name of culinary research and experience" was worth it!

Over the years I have ate quite a few things outside of the 'box' 
termites in Honduras, the equivalent to a field rat in West Africa, sting ray in Belize (or was it Manta Ray?)...the list goes on.

What is something risky you have done that would be considered "in the name of culinary research and experience"?

[Picture is of me in one of many markets in San Pedro Sula, Honduras]