Where are the Mexican Bakeries?!

I was talking with Juan last week about Mexican food and Mexican stores in the Huntsville/Madison area (in Alabama) and he brought up a very interesting question, "Where are the Mexican Bakeries?".  Juan is a young guy about 21 and his family is from Mexico.

Juan was right, where are they?  We have restaurants and even small stores...But where are the bakeries?

I had a favorite bakery when I was living in Tyler TX working with a catering company.  I knew which days to go and when to get there so I could pick my still
warm items fresh from trays on a speed rack.  But there were several other bakeries as well.  In California I could get some of my favorites from Mi Pueblo (grocery store) or even Food Maxx (warehouse style grocery place) had a few they sold every day in a small sectioned plastic display with tongs.

Here in Huntsville/Madison Alabama I have yet to find, or hear of a Mexican bakery in the area...if you know of one, please let me know and I can pass it on! (Not to mention go buy some items for myself!!!)

[Update:  Right after writing this post I found ONE!]

Cesia's Bakery - Panaderia Mexicana
(in the old Soul Burger spot!)
2900 Triana Blvd SW
Huntsville, AL 35805