Injected & Smoked!

 Backup to Thanksgiving 2011...I usually don't follow traditional foods for Holidays but this year family was coming over and they were all bringing a few dishes to round out the meal and I would do a flavorful Turkey with a little twist.

So, I decided to simmer up some chicken broth with a few more herbs and spices that I liked (and some onion and garlic). Then I strained all the pieces out which I later rubbed into the skin of the Turkey.  I chilled the liquid then went in search of my meat injector.

Two Turkey's For the Price of One!
Using the liquid I created I pierced the skin and went into the muscle and continually forced the liquid into the turkey at several points in muscles all over the Turkey with my big commercial needle for meat.

Cooking it overnight in my smoker (standard $59 to $69 electric smoker sold at department stores everywhere) with apple wood chips.  Ranging in heat about 200F to 220F thru-out the night for about 10 hours.  The turkey's weight was about 16 pounds before cooking.

That's it.  I took it out and let it rest...later carving it for dinner.  Oh man was it moist delicious!  I have a house full of guests AND guys at work who got to eat the leftovers that can be my witnesses!
Breakfast at Cracker Barrel!