PPA = Effective Business Meetings

This is not a comprehensive list or theory on having business meetings. It's a quick decisive tool to help you decide if your doing the right thing by having one, or being part of one(if you have a choice).

Power, Plan, Action = Effective Business Meetings

I have been to many "business" meetings in my lifetime where nothing much gets done. Basically one of three things are missing:
  • Power - before we waste a lot of time on having a meeting does anybody have the POWER to DO anything about what we are discussing? No? Meeting canceled. -PLAN and ACTION to implement but no one has the POWER to approve it.
  • Plan - If there is no PLAN, or we come to a PLAN and no one has the POWER to implement it or make it happen(ACTION), why are we meeting?- POWER and ACTION to implement but no PLAN.
  • Action - if the end result of any meeting requires no ACTION -or- If no ACTION can be applied to a PLAN, cancel it. We are wasting time. [Think budget-money, man-power, materials...] - POWER and PLAN but no one can implement the ACTION to make it work.

It breaks down to having the proper people available in a meeting. A PLAN meeting can be called to get everything ready for when the "budget, manpower, materials..." are available. But to often you have to schedule more meetings to revisit, modify, and update the PLAN.

Of course if this is brainstorming or one of those "collaborative mind trusts" to get some ideas on the table...by all means, call it. But don't call too many...It's like "Crying Wolf" people quit listening.

Keep people engaged, don't waste time, get things done.