Eggs in Lasagna?

A lot of people over the years ask me how to make lasagna. Sometimes they just want a recipe, and some want me to tell them step by step how I make it...So for those of you who have asked I found a really simple video for making lasagna (I guess I should define it's like most North American lasagna's) posted below.

Here are some of the usual questions I get when it comes to lasagna:
  • Do you have to put an egg in it to bind it? No, I haven't for a long time. Just use the shredded mozzarella you have and put about a third of the total recipe amount in your ricotta (or cottage cheese) mixture, when it melts in, it helps bind. Most problems are not with binding the lasagna, its with letting it rest long enough to congeal/setup so the lasagna becomes firm again.
  • Do you have to buy no-cook noodles to bake it without boiling the noodles first? No, I never have. There may be some 'secret' process I don't know about with those noodles, but I just use the regular noodles.
  • Why do some people put cottage cheese in lasagna? Or Ricotta? Preference. I prefer ricotta. But some will simply put a nice bechamel sauce in it.
I make a mean chicken Florentine (spinach) lasagna BUT I will save that for another post! The possibilities for lasagna are many; Meats, sauces, do you make yours?