Favorites This Week

Below are a few things I found this week I like. Each picture has a link to the original post so hopefully I am not breaking online etiquette. Merely trying to bring attention to some cool ideas and a few new things.

The Floating Mug - To expensive for me...But cool none the less, a coffee mug that never needs a coaster.

The edible cookie coffee mug.

 tomato bacon pie
Tomato Pie with Bacon and Jalapenos: the picture first, then the recipe attracted me. Actually, it probably had to do with the part that said "Bacon".

Tonka Beans
Tonka Beans: I never heard of them, and I have traveled quite a bit.
The reason that tonka beans are not well-known in the US is that they contain courmarin, a (naturally occurring chemical) that was shown to cause liver problems in rats in extremely high doses. Tonka beans have been banned by the FDA for sale in the US as a food item since the 1950s because of this, though you would have to ingest exceptionally high amounts of the tonka bean to reach these levels.
How to make ice shot glasses: I am not promoting the 'shot glass' so much as this creative idea to make a 'glass' out of ice. I am sure it would be cool to use for other drinks and a dessert or two...I can think of a few catering applications.