Dish Soap / Hand Soap

This cool set of 'bar type' dispenser bottles by Tablecraft are originally used for oil and balsamic vinegar. Bed Bath & Beyond have them for about $12 but we paid about $7+ at Target, or was it Walmart? Anyway...
My wife came up with a cool idea: We put antibacterial hand soap on the left, and Dawn dish detergent on the right. The bottles are on the window sill right above our kitchen sink (at our house, not at my case there was confusion).

The only problem you may have is some hand soaps are real thick and may not flow from the bottle with this type of dispenser on top. You can thin down the hand soap if possible, but sometimes if you don't do it right you will end up with a lot of suds and frustration.

It looks cool, and its functional! And at our house with the colors involved and location of the bottles you will not be confused and try to use it on your food! LOL!