Favorites This Week

Below are a few things I found this week I like. Each picture was borrowed from, and has a link to the original post so hopefully I am not breaking online etiquette. Merely trying to bring attention to some cool ideas and a few new things.[click pics for link back to articles]

 When I was catering in East Texas back in 2006 we used almost exactly the same recipe and technique in batch/bulk for catering parties…we also started making the marinade with orange oil and zest, then garnish the dish with oranges and squeeze a little over the top…flavors where wonderful! 

This idea has resurfaced again...but its great to remember things forgotten and for some of you it may be a new concept. Paper souffle/condiment cup baking for muffins or...? This works good at home to put on flat sheet trays or pans and also commercially for large sheet trays and/or pans. Like muffin cups but sturdier and measurable.

New twist on an old classic, Nutella Krispie Treats! Always great with the recipes and pictures it is no surprise this comes from The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

This gadget seems like the perfect tool for kitchen fanatics with Iphones who want to start filming their-selves and/or taking pictures of their work while slaving over the stove. Une Bobine - For iPhone is a flexible and eclectic stand, sync, and charging cable for iPhone and iPod Touch. Brought to you by [Fuse]Chicken.