Favorites This Week

 Below are a few things I found this week I like. Each picture was borrowed from, and has a link to the original post so hopefully I am not breaking online etiquette. Merely trying to bring attention to some cool ideas and a few new things.[click pics for link back to articles]

Use tubing to seal cracks and spaces between appliances and counters to keep food crumbs from falling in between!

How many of you really know what to do with the Humidity Controls in your refrigerator to keep your food fresh? (...don't forget to read the comments after the article too, they are helpful)

New Spatula idea...seems cool, may be worth having one. Great start-up concept using kick-starter to get things rolling.

Lodge Cast Iron has a new pan that touts stainless steel handles that stay cool so you don't burn yourself. The pan itself looks like a great modern version of the old cast iron pan...But I don't think at this price point (around $60) it will ever romance you away from mama's or grandma's old set of well taken care of pans. Not to mention buying new pans in the old style is much less than the above mentioned cool design iron pan. - Good luck with that, cast iron pan makers!