Fourth Day Lunch Menu

Pulled pork BBQ sandwich, coleslaw, and oven-fried tators. (or, potatoes if I must)

I didn't have a commercial smoker to pull off this feat. But about 15 hours in the oven at 200F was enough to break these Boston Butts down to fall apart, melt in your mouth, fatty goodness! You can still achieve a good 'smoke' taste by applying certain spices and herbs BUT NO, do not use liquid smoke! A lot of times that will make the products taste acrid and the meat ends up tasting like a fake smoke. But I am not going to give up all my 'tricks' and techniques in one posting!

Now I will stop the lunch menu count...I feel the first week kickoff was a success. I will leave you with a few pictures my friend P Dub took on day four. I think I might use the pulled pork picture to use as wallpaper on my iphone!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!