Red Beans and Rice and Random Bits

Things have been moving right along at the academy...last week we had Red Beans & Rice and I feel it was a 'keeper'. Some of the staff were surprised that the smaller kids knew what it was, they liked it, and ate it up. We served it with Kielbasa.

Pancake Breakfast: from time to time the school has fundraisers and pancake breakfast seems to be a big hit. It runs from 7am to about 830am on a regular school day and the cost is $5 dollars. Parents and grandparents are welcome to come and eat. Its kind of like 'all you can eat' but we don't say that. We start off with two pancakes about 5 inches in circumference and let you know you can come back for more. There is a table set up with toppings such as Redi-Whip (that whipped cream in a can) chocolate syrup, original syrup, mixed berry syrup, fresh strawberries, chocolate chips, and butter. The syrups are kept warm in chafing dishes. We provide milk and orange juice(also on the table). It was pretty successful.

Our next fundraiser is a 'Thanksgiving Dinner for Four'. Our advertisement/announcement for that will probably come out today, or tomorrow until then the following may change at any time.
Thanksgiving Meal for Family of Four - $40
  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Cornbread Dressing 
  • Green Bean Casserole 
  • 2 pounds Roasted Boneless Turkey Breast and 16 oz of gravy
AND then offer a pumpkin pie at $9 OPTIONAL.
We have worked out a great meal at a great price. I have researched these food items locally so its pretty competitive, not to high or low.
Students Favorite Meals so Far (based on total orders for a single day): First - Taco Salad/Nachos, Second - Baked Ziti, Third - Loaded Baked Potato. I feel like today's lunch will have an increase in orders next time too...'Breakfast for Lunch!' which consisted of scrambled eggs, hash rounds, biscuits, and sausage gravy. All the menu items are doing well so far.