It seems this winter season 2012-2013 has been the time for MUCH sickness...Both my immediate family, extended family, and close friends have been rotating sickness.

I personally had/have a lagging cough/throat problem left over from my pneumonia that seemed to have never gone completely away. My youngest son (baby) Ezra had RSV twice, the second time included an ER visit and hospital stay. My other son had a cold, virus, and ear infection (actually for both boys) and my wife has struggled with various ailments and trying to keep us healthy or happy while we were miserable! My sisters family, mom & dad, and various other friends at work and church have been combating colds,virus, flu...whew!

Needless to say this has effected my frequency of posting. But no worries mon, I plan to get back at it!

(photo courtesy of my old blog - Kitchen in Dangriga, Belize)