Mercy Ships on 60 Minutes!

The organization I worked with for over 8 years, running the kitchens/galleys on 3 different ships (one at a time, LOL) and also at the IOC (base) in East Texas, is on 60 Minutes this Sunday at 6pm Central time! This was shot on the Africa Mercy (the ship where my wife and I served our last year with Mercy Ships in Liberia West Africa) on location in Togo. 

Friends, family, & fellow food service people if you ever wanted to know a little bit more about what I did, how we lived, and the kinds of services Mercy Ships provides to developing nations...this would be the show to watch.

I can't wait to see people I know on national television working with Mercy Ships! Oh, how I miss them so much! And the job!!!

This Sunday, February 17th, 60 Minutes will air a 12 minute segment on Mercy Ships, with Scott Pelley reporting. Filmed on board the Africa Mercy in Togo! 
If you're in the United States/Canada, we hope you'll tune in and watch. Check your local CBS station for times.
If you are outside of North America you may watch it here on line from Monday, February 18th:
ipad/iphone download app is here:
~ Tyrone