5 Point infraction

Once again the health department has descended upon us...actually she is really quite a nice lady. I guess I was trying to make it sound dramatic. She talked to me about a few things we needed to work on and I asked questions to see how I could make some areas better. Our space is small and odd both for the kitchen and pantry/storage (our rooms are not perfectly square/rectangle) so I really try to have good questions for her in able to help us utilize our space while staying within the boundaries of inspection.

This inspection my Sous Chef Roberto decided he would buy a can drink from the machine out in the main dining area...but unfortunately for us he had placed it on top of the ice machine. 5 points for open drink stored on top of ice machine! Drinks must be in 'to-go' style containers with lids and a straw, BUT also be in a designated area away from food products...like maybe a shelf over the dish sink area.

Last inspection we scored a 98, 2 points for textured ceiling in storage area. Its supposed to be smooth and non-porous. We got that fixed. This inspection I suppose we have to settle for a 95!

Once again our 100 score has eluded us! ~

[Sous Chef Roberto has adequately been given a hard time and the inspection was a few weeks ago, but in keeping with our relentless jokes and hard times I waited till now to post this so we can get another few weeks of ribbing out of it]