Bread-Less Cajun Pork Sandwich!

From time to time I get to enjoy samples that are brought to me from food purveyors. THANK YOU HALSEY FOOD SERVICE! (Yes it's a shameless plug for my local, notice I said LOCAL, Food Service provider) - for those 2, 4oz center cut boneless pork chops!!!

(Note: sorry Sous Chef Roberto and PW, you weren't working at the time or I would have shared! LOL!)

As the kitchen director for a private academy these things do happen, and when they happen its my duty to try out the quality of a food product before I go letting anybody else eat it! Or let my students be subject to a possible menu item without testing it first!

Since I have been on this 'eat foods styles from other diets' food kick in order to further educate myself in eating patterns, trends, and fads I chose to apply this concept to my free samples!

Looking around I found a partial onion and a few slices of provolone cheese hanging out in the fridge. Before caramelizing the onions I rubbed down the chops with some Cajun seasonings (very similar to blackening seasoning). After the onions were done I quickly pan seared and cooked the chops. They were very thin and lean meat. While they were still hot I put a piece of cheese on each chop. Going back to the pan i swirled a thin pat of butter around till it melted all the way and picked up the remaining flavor of the onions and seasoning, then pouring it over the onions.

Taking one cheese topped chop I piled it high with caramelized onions flipping the other chop with cheese over on top of it! I waited just long enough to be able to handle it without burning myself and let the juices run down my arm while I happily munched it down.

Cajun rubbed, pan-seared center cut pork chop sandwich with provolone and caramelized onions: