Sign of the times...

Everyone is getting cheap nowadays. Foodservice is no exception. Prices and packages are getting changed with no forewarning...and probably in hopes that YOU TOO will not catch it right away!

Take for instance last week. Last Friday I was calculating costs on a particular meal and realized HEY! I am losing some money on this! How did that happen? Well I guess it's my own fault for not seeing it on my invoice but a particular item went up by $.50 and I didn't even realize it! Or did I? The delivery person said the price changed 2 months ago...REALLY? I am going to pull some invoices!!! But in the meantime I had no professional courtesy of even being told about the increase!

NEXT. Last food order I received plastic spoons like I usually order and no, the price didn't change, product number was the same, but the product was made much cheaper and smaller than before?!?!? Again, no warning or explanation. Did they think I wasn't going to catch this!!!