Diet Trends

I have noticed either consciously or without realizing it America has started scrolling back their intake on carbs, glutens, and desserts. Is this because of the nations obsession on how overweight we are getting?

Steve, over at recently wrote on one of his posts:

"Beginning with pasta carbanara Friday evening, five cooks labored to set our best on the mobile serving line. We quickly learned that this East Bay group loved the sausages, roasted vegetables and salad bar. Though good, fresh baked dinner rolls, rich pasta and desserts fell by the wayside."

I have noticed that trend even with myself. I hate diets, but I started scrolling back my calories and increasing my garage elliptical workouts! LOL And the things that fall by the wayside first and foremost are the things listed above.

Really, I am just getting back to eating like I did in California, a lot of fresh veggies, cooked veggies, fruits, cheese, meats (lots of smoked and grilled meats)and usually only breads, pastas, and desserts if they are homemade and delicious! (As I am sure Steve and his cooks food are delicious!)

My advice has always been to ONLY eat food that is delicious AND eat it in moderation. As someone once said: 

"Life is to short to eat bad food!" ~ Amen!