What Summer Brings...

My wife's parents called in May to say "We are coming to see the boys and we want you to leave." What? What! Uh, ok! We then started to plan a few days at the beach, just the two of us...Let me say that again for all you parents out there, A FEW DAYS AT THE BEACH JUST THE TWO OF US! Yes!

Moving on...Our itinerary went a little something like this: get up stretch, open door smell ocean, off to coffee and breakfast, beach, lunch, beach, dinner, cool ocean breeze while on balcony looking at beach. Repeat. 

Now back to my current reality, Sigh! Since my job at the academy is only 10 months (a school year) I am working at a prior job but only for the summer. In these days of high unemployment numbers it's best to have a good work ethic, integrity, and NOT burning those bridges behind you when you leave one job for another! I still work for the academy but I am off during June and July. People in the school system will immediately understand.

Posting may slow down because of the hours I work and my summer job is at a beverage company, so not much cooking going on for me. But fortunately for the rest of our family my wife can really "THROW-DOWN" when it comes to cooking. She is no beginner!