Strawberries & Peanut Butter Granola

Found a new flavor combo I like! Yeah, yeah, I know some of you out there will probably say "that ain't new!". LOL!

Those of you who may not know, my wife can hold her own when it comes to cooking. And her specialties are usually along the dessert line. She also makes a chewy peanut butter granola that's pretty brilliant! She toasts the oats In the oven then uses honey (local is probably best), natural peanut butter (and perhaps a smidgen of butter) pinch of salt, and brings it to boil on the stove top then mixes in the toasted oats...ah yeah, that's delicious. I may have left out an ingredient or step, but you get the gist. 

Tonight after dinner I was thinking about something sweet and knew we had strawberries because the boys eat them like candy. I put a little bit of that peanut butter granola on top and right away after tasting it I knew it was going to be a favorite of mine. 

Now I am just thinking about how to incorporate them together like a one bite dessert/snack. Maybe chocolate dipped?