Tytus 1st movie @ theater!

I took Tytus to see the movie "Planes" by Disney. Along the same lines as "Cars" which he loved!

I was still surprised at how many previews ran before the movie! (5 or 6) Next time I think I would show up about 10 or 15 minutes past starting time and it would be about right.

Tytus is 3 and he did well! There was a point in the movie where I thought he was not going to make it but then the excitement of the race towards the finish captured his attention once more and reeled him in till the end!

Bring something to drink and plenty of snacks if your child eats like mine! And a small jacket or long sleeve shirt, the theater gets cold for small kids and old people! (Yes, I brought a hoodie) LOL I brought a small backpack to store all the 'possibilities'. Coats, snacks, pull-up, water...

Oh, by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and had an excellent time just father and son!

* Tip - sit far enough back so your child can see everything on the screen without hurting his neck or making him dizzy trying to keep up with the action.