Thinking Outside the (Tool) BOX!

Back in the early years with Mercy Ships (Caribbean Mercy now retired) we had a 'unit' in the galley that held a lot of our kitchen utensils/tools that was nothing more than a cheap plastic drawer/file system from walmart. When we sailed it would be strapped to a pole for stability. I wanted something more than this, something sturdy with locking wheels and that we could lock the whole unit at night because things tended to disappear or get 'borrowed' never to return. (you know, like can openers, peelers, and your best knife?)

[You can see our plastic drawers right behind Reuben's elbow in the picture below.]

Before I could act on my idea the crew was told the Caribbean Mercy was going to be retired so no further budget was allowed.

Fast forward 12 or more years to today. My current kitchen could use some kitchen tool reassignment and since every inch of space is valuable this idea came to me once again. Why not use a roll-away locking tool box (with locking wheels) for storing our kitchen TOOLS in? With a limited budget and a few sale items at Home Depot I bought a Husky tool box and a couple rolls of what people call 'shelf liner' and...I am very happy! The tool box has been working out well!