Father's Day Reflections

Sunday is usually a beautiful day
to begin with, yes, I said beautiful! Being Father's Day just increased the joy of waking up to the sunshine trying to sneak past the blinds. [ Don't worry, this is not where I start "waxing poetic" as if I could! Unless of course, that's what you consider my way of interpreting things...] For once I think I didn't wake up to my son raising a ruckus playing in his room at 530 am in the morning!

Steph wished me Happy Father's Day and whisked the boys downstairs to play so I could "sleep in". Sleeping in (for me) is probably 7 am at the latest! HA! But usually, after I wake up, that's it, I am awake for the rest of the day. I took advantage of the extra time in bed to reflect and ask myself "how good of a father am I really? Am I doing my best?" and then I moved on to thinking about the wonderful family I have.

Downstairs to the coffee I went! There I got my "Happy Fathers Day" greetings from the boys, along with a card made with several memorable pictures of the family! Steph was now keeping the boys occupied so I could relax, read a few articles online on my favorite sites, sip my coffee. Its a full-time job feeding our boys for breakfast! Actually ANY MEAL we feed them! They eat "LIKE A BOSS"! We then move on to getting ready for church...

Steph was looking GOOD and I look, well, like I usually look, laid back and relaxed like I was going to a beach-side service. Or for those of you who can relate, my Mercy Ships look! LOL

Sunday service was excellent! A good friend and Missionary Hal Ward with Vino Nuevo Ministries spoke in our June series UNcommon. Also, all the Fathers received a copy of the book:
Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance. (let ya know if it's good, haven't read it yet)
 [as a side note, I wish being a good Father was more common than uncommon! SIGH]

Shuttling the kids back home we got their lunch together and then off to nap time for almost everybody! I usually take this time to relax, read, watch a movie or show, I'm not a big "napper". I then called my own dad to wish him Happy Fathers Day and set up a time for us to spend together!

Without these "Homies", I would not be a Father!
Thanks, Stephanie! That's why mothers are so important,
can't be a Father without Mother!
After nap, we spent the rest of the evening playing outside with the boys! We have one of those kids water play-stations, a child's inflatable pool, and several other things like swing-set, et cetera...Ahhh life! By this time I have my feet in the pool while I sit in my chair happily creating havoc as I use the water hose to spray the boys as they try to run away!

Steph has made some taco salads, tacos, guacamole, and quesadilla's and we eat outside...Mmmm that has hit the spot!

It was a GREAT Fathers Day! Laid back, enjoyable, time with the family...no hustle-bustle long wait to eat at a restaurant, no big schedule of plans on a tight time frame, just a lovely day!

*[for those of you still wondering "what did he get?" I am fine with just this, a day of gratitude! BUT as my loving wife would have it, I get to pick out my own grill! My old grill is about to rust apart. It will probably be a combination of Father's Day/Birthday gift...those things cost some money!!!]