School In Session! Chicken and Waffles

Going into my third year of the newly started lunch program here at Valley Fellowship Christian Academy (k5-12) and Little Valley Academy (infant to k4) I decided to start sharing some posts from  a work perspective. 

In the past I have done a bit of everything which helps educate and make one a well rounded food service professional. Starting a school lunch program from scratch started a new chapter in my "cook book". Now that we are in it a couple of years I thought it would be nice to share some plates and thought process. 

Above is a meal for Little Valley Academy. Its a play on that classic, chicken & waffles. Most of the kids that will eat this are between 1 and 4 years old. It includes crispy chicken tenders (oven baked, not fried), small waffles that I cut into 4 sticks (Aunt Jemima brand), a fruit cup, Mrs. Buttersworth syrup in condiment cup (tastes like butter is already in it, older kids will actually get real butter pats), and a pack of ketchup. We add ketchup because the kids may still want to eat their chicken tenders without syrup. Depending on fruit prices the cup could be 4 ounces of tropical fruit mix from a can, or fresh fruit. I don't like to use fruit cocktail, the color of the fruit seems to all blend together and the fruit itself can be near mush consistency. If I won't eat it or I wouldn't feed it to my kids, I am pretty sure I won't feed it to your kids!

Next month we will try it with the academy (K5-12). The plate usually graduates as it goes up the grades...bigger portions, more condiments (like real butter), larger size waffles, and not cut into sticks.

Mama's & Daddy's give me some feedback on what your children like to eat...what do you think they would order at this a dish you would order for your child? Menu suggestions...