Baked Ziti, Mixed Vegetable, Garlic Bread

Baked Ziti in essence is another form of Lasagna as far as kids are concerned. Here it is pictured made with penne pasta and not ziti. What's the difference? Not much. If I can't find the one, I buy the other. We make it here at the kitchen. Cook the meat, salt the water and boil the pasta, season the tomato sauce (made out of puree and blanched chopped tomatoes) and layer with Mozzarella and a Cheddar/Monterrey Jack cheese mix. The kids are always worrying about getting the cheese, so I started putting a layer of the cheese in the middle AND on top. (that's what makes it similar to lasagna besides just ingredients, another layer) 

The mixed vegetable shown is called a Cali Blend: Broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots (I think it used to be called Normandy Blend). I season the veggies with a small amount of salt. And sometimes a dash of salt-free Ms. Dash original seasoning. Most veggies I buy frozen or fresh, usually never canned (except for maybe tomato products). Fresh obviously has no extras added BUT canned or frozen foods I always check the ingredients list. At the most I want the ingredient list to include the main product like tomatoes, then water, and/or salt...nothing else.

LVA, K5-12TH all pretty much get the same thing as shown in the picture but in grade appropriate portions. The picture shown is for Little Valley Academy. On our menu I use the listing bread/roll because some days I use rolls or buns and then some days I make my own bread or bread sticks!

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