BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Baked Beans, Potato Chips

I am going to try my best to start taking pictures of each meal served here at Valley Fellowship Christian Academy and Little Valley Academy! For those of you who are local and have connections to our school please spread/pass this around to parents and kids. This will give parents an idea of what is being prepared, how its done, and what the presentation looks like. Hopefully providing some positive feedback and encouraging more parents to order our meals for their students!

LVA (K1-K4): For Little Valley Academy we prepared Lays Potato Chips, Baked Beans, and the little version of a BBQ Chicken Sandwich (which is two chicken tenders on a bun with BBQ sauce on the side). * A lot of the little kids frown on grilled (or other forms of) chicken so we stick with the tenders. 

K5-2ND Grade: As the grade get higher and the kids get bigger we increase the amount of baked beans and graduate them to a grilled chicken sandwich where it has been lightly based with a BBQ sauce at the end of cooking. In addition we add a BBQ sauce condiment cup for them to "control" the sauce.

3-6th Grade and High School: Not much difference between 3-6th and High School except the portions. More chicken on the sandwich, more baked beans in the bowl! Both sets of these grades get a Tomato & Lettuce Set-Up (that's what we call it).

Some days you may see me at the grill smoking up the outside parking lot...sorry if I smoked you out, but know that I am preparing and cooking to make your child's lunch delicious and this is just one way of doing it!