Grilled Chicken and Pasta Alfredo

This past Monday our lunch was grilled chicken, pasta Alfredo, vegetables, (because it can change I am not very specific) and a roll. 

Little Valley Academy (infant to K4) gets chicken tenders instead of grilled chicken. You might ask why? Because there is an increase of orders  from 25% to 35% MORE with tenders versus grilled chicken. Parents know what their children will eat. At least while their young. Most of the time. Hahahaha!

Valley Fellowship Christian Academy K5 - 12TH

We  make from scratch AND sometimes use a mix for the Alfredo sauce. Chicken is grilled outside and finished in the oven (to guarantee its cooked to the proper temperature with no doubt). Here we have a purchased roll like a Hawaiian bread roll, but we often make the bread/roll ourselves. And of course the green beans which I usually season to taste. Yes, those are Land-O-Lakes REAL BUTTER pats, I don't use margarine in my kitchen, only butter and olive oil. Occasionally I use canola/vegetable oil for certain things like baking.