Quick Kids Pizza Any Diet

Hear me out! As long as you can turn your oven on high as it will go, slide a cookie sheet/pan (or square stone) in there, and the oven doesn't take all day to heat up...you can feed pizza to your kids quickly with a crispy crust!  

Tortillas seem to come in any size, and any diet nowadays. Wheat, white, corn, gluten free...it's amazing really. For the basic I use white, flour tortillas. Turn oven up as far as it will go, you can stick pizza in before it reaches temperature and then check it in about five minutes to gage where it's at. Sauce (marinara, BBQ, Alfredo, pesto...), toppings, slide in oven with spatula or upside down tray, on top of hot tray or stone (I can do four small pizzas on my stone) bake till crispy and cheese/topping bubbling(five to ten minutes). Next round, if there is one, pizzas will cook quicker. If you have trouble getting them out just pinch end of crust with tongs and drag on top tray or plate.

Look at the crust on that puzza, thin, crispy, great color!

**if your a purist or a "professional" then maybe this isn't for you! But it's great for moms and dads that want something hot and quick without making / keeping actual dough or premade crusts around. And now your tortillas are much more versatile.**