The Homies: Ezra turns 3!

Recently my youngest homie Ezra turned 3. He's a big boy. I often laugh and describe him as if he was a minion that was magically turned into a real boy!

What is it that people say? "He's daddy's boy!" or "just like daddy". I suppose its because he's so "rough and tumble", stubborn, hard-headed, and built like a tank. Even though I would like to think its because he's so handsome and smart. He also has that blond almost white hair that still hasn't went away. I love it!

Before he had his own little birthday party in his pre-school room another little child did and they gave out party hats. Ezra loves those pointy dunce cap looking party hats! He tried to wear it to bath and to bed for two days! And that was after playing outside all afternoon with it on!

Good thing both the wifey and I know how to cook because it helps save money on the grocery bill! BOTH boys can pack some "groceries" away!