The Homies: Tytus Starts Kindergarten

Man! Time is flying by...

My oldest Homie Tytus just started k5! We don't even have tying shoelaces down to a science yet.

You've seen blogs, posts, and articles all over Facebook and social media...GET OFF THAT PHONE, TABLET, AND/OR IPAD or your going to miss your kids growing up!!! And you wonder how they got "that way" when you spend all your time hurrying on to the next thing and trying to rush "sleep time" along because you needed a break. (And sometimes we do!)

My boys are really sweet, loving, and may unexpectedly get headbutted! Whining, crying, getting on your nerves and realize they just need some "lovin'"! Its all in there.

I subscribe to the theory of boys "growing up and being men" from that old book by John Eldridge, Wild At Heart... it would do you good to read the introduction if you have boys. I am sure there are newer and supposedly more "relevant" books out there, BUT I read this at a time...well, at a time when I feel like it really sank in and God knew I would be having boys years later.

I will get to live, re-live, have new adventures, and experience all the fun of being a child again with my boys!