Homie Humor!

If you haven't realized it by now, I call my two boys "The Homies".
[Tytus is 6 and Ezra is 3 at the time of this post.]

Every now and then I let the boys go to breakfast with me before they go to school and I go to work. Usually the request is Dunkin Donuts where Tytus likes the croissant breakfast sandwich and Ezra a donut with sprinkles. Sheriff Dave (I know his name because I have run into him a few times now) offered Tytus a Sheriff badge the first time we met him. Dave walked up and handed the badge to Tytus (while Tytus was in mid-chew) and said, "I bet you'd love to have one of these wouldn't you?" to which Tytus looked un-impressed and said, "No!". AWKWARD! I laughed it off, gave Tytus the "eye" and told Dave "Thank you!".

Later on I explained to Tytus that Dave was like Chief Burns on the Transformer show Rescue Bots. I saw the "light" come on in Tytus eyes as he realized the significance of the badge. Later that morning he was showing all his friends in kindergarten his cool badge!

In a related funny story...

Ezra is not to be outdone when it comes to playing "Transformers"! He often tells me he can transform into "vehicle mode" in which a Transformer "robot" can transform back into their assigned scanned vehicle. Here we see Ezra after many squiggles, pops, and spitting sounds has transformed into his "vehicle mode"! Nice Ezra, Nice...I am trying to hold back laughter at this point as this is "serious business".