Packed Lunch

People, feed your children good food.

Over the years I have really paid attention to how kids eat and what's in their packed lunch and I have to say, it's getting bad.

Most meals are carb heavy w/(fattening rich) sauces galore, skinny kids bring lean cuisine and weight watcher meals, and for the parents we know don't cook...yes, we can tell you packed your kids lunch with leftovers from whatever restaurant or take out joint you ate at last night, night after night after...

It's Summertime! If your not going to purchase school lunch this year then lets get a "game plan" together! Start trying out foods this summer to see what your children like. Watch the trash can, it doesn't lie! Start cruising Pinterest like a PRO. Build up a menu of choice you can shop for and throw together quick once school starts. Lets get ahead of this!

Here, let me start you off with some IDEAS!

Once again, I paraphrase a great quote from my friend PW, "Never saw anybody get fat from eating school lunch!".