Oven Cooking - Chicken

For cooking chicken oven baking/roasting seems to be the best. I buy a 40 pound box of random chicken breasts (because its usually the cheapest way to buy it AND it doesn't come frozen). In the picture below you see I have covered three full sheet pans with aluminium foil and covered that with non-stick spray. 

The inside of the case/box is usually four bags of chicken breasts. Usually huge in size, some still connected together like the shape of a set of lungs.

Lay them out on the sheet trays smooth sides up (actually it really doesn't matter but that's my preference) and season them liberally with Montreal Chicken seasoning or the seasoning of your choice. Good ole salt will do too!

It takes this chicken about one hour to cook at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Then you can start checking the internal temperature with thermometer. AND/OR use the below kind of thermometer and set an alarm to go off when the internal chicken temperature is 165 or 170 Fahrenheit just for that extra push. After that check several thick random pieces with the Thermopen (thermometer) to make sure its done on all trays.

Depending on when your going to use the chicken let it cool on the speed rack or put it in the warmer. This is the same chicken we use for chicken salads, soft taco/burrito, chicken & pasta alfredo, chicken w'rice/egg roll...and can also be used for BBQ Chicken sandwich day. We change the lunch up by changing presentation, cuts, or sauces while using and cooking the chicken the same way. This keeps the ordering, cooking, and planning simple. A versatile cheap cut of meat.